We Know Remote Monitoring!

Stephen Sanislo, Founder & President

Global Monitoring  is the brainchild of Steve Sanislo who has been developing reliable, cost-effective, remote monitoring systems since the start of his engineering career some 30 years ago.

Steve was awarded patents for developing the first low-cost remote monitoring system that used voice synthesis and developed one of the first remote monitoring systems ever to use the internet for communication.

Today, he is working with his team to develop a 'next generation remote monitor' based on emerging technologies from Intel and Microsoft.


Susan Stevenson, Financial Services

Susan has supported Global monitoring since its inception and has been instrumental in creating the policies, procedures and systems required to efficiently run the business.

Christina Rockwell, Project Manager

Chris has been an integral part of Global Monitoring for over 20 years, overseeing projects from quotation to completion. As part of her responsibilities, Chris manages field installations as well as Global's remote monitoring network. Chris holds both a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and M.S. in Engineering from Purdue University.

Steven M. Sanislo, Quality Assurance

Steven ensures that every device that Global Monitoring ships is properly configured to the customer's specifications and meets our quality standards.

Peter Gagliardi, Software Development

Peter is developing software to drive Global's next generation of remote monitors will offer significantly more functionality at an affordable price-point.

Sona Sitapara, Manufacturing

Sona manages a separate entity that has manufactured all of our electronic subassemblies during the past 15 years, providing excellent quality, price and delivery with the ability to ramp production up or down to meet any anticipated demand.



Global's success is an outgrowth of the character and dedication of each and every individual on the team.


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