Gen-9 Preview

Gen-9 is our internal designation for our advanced monitoring platform, currently in development. It will be the foundation upon which our future products will be built. Although most of the project's details are classified, we can share a few items with you to give you a sense of where we're headed. Keep in mind that the details outline here are subject to change.

Connectivity and Interoperability

The Gen-9 platform will support several forms of wide-area communication including satellite, cellular, dial-up, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. It will also support Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, RS232, and RS485 for communication with sensors and devices.


Gen-9 includes authentication, encryption and firewall technologies to guard against malicious use and cyber attacks. It allows support for future national and international security standards.

Processing Horsepower

Gen-9 incorporates 'System-On-Module' technology to deliver significantly more speed and memory than any monitoring system we've produced in the past.

'Last Man Standing' Design

People and businesses depend on remote monitoring systems. Gen-9 incorporates a number of design features - many of which are proprietary - that enable future Messenger Remote Monitors to provide functionality after being subjected to conditions of extreme duress that would incapacitate other monitoring systems.


Did you know:

Our Messenger Remote Monitors are the culmination of tens of thousands of engineering design hours.