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Remote Monitors: Autonomous vs. Server Dependent

Sensor data collected by any remote monitor must ultimately be delivered to a person or information system. How that data gets from 'Point A' to 'Point B' in a critical design decision that affects both the reliability and the total cost of system ownership. 

Global Monitoring offers two series of remote monitors at different price points that give you the option to work with or without a dependent server.


Messenger™ Remote Monitor:  Cloud Server Not Required

The Messenger™ Remote Monitor tracks and reacts to conditions at remote, unattended or inaccessible locations, providing status reports, service messages and much more.   Configurable to a wide variety of sensor types, the Messenger tracks conditions, such as such temperature, humidity, air quality, sound level and occupancy, and delivers information via three different communication modes - dial-up, cellular or satellite.  (Global Monitoring is currently testing its next generation Messenger Remote Monitors for cellular and satellite communications.  Products are scheduled for availability in October 2013.)

A field changeable gateway simplifies changeover from one communications technology and supports a large number of wireless sensors and modules at one time. Compatible with the Etherios cloud, these next generation Remote Monitors offers unlimited scalability, with near real-time access to sensor data from all sites.


Messenger 8100:  Offering dial-up communications, the 8100 Series are ideal for use in applications where Wifi, ZigBee or other communications networks are not readily available.

Messenger 8200*: Use of a popular cellular communications network enables the 8200 Remote Monitors to provide data in real-time in a variety of formats: cell phones, web site, etc.

Messenger 8300*:  Using low-Earth-orbit communication satellites that orbit just a few hundred miles above the Earth’s surface, the 8300 Remote Monitors provide cost-effective tracking, monitoring and messaging capabilities to and from anywhere in the world. 

* Product availability in Oct '13


Sensor Alert: Cloud Server Required

Offering similar capabilities of the Messenger, Sensor Alert is less expensive as it relies on the computing horsepower of a cloud server.  Capable of monitoring virtually any condition, the Sensor Alert transmits raw sensor data to a server where it is processed, analyzed and recorded before delivered to a cell phone, computer or any defined destination.  For standalone use or in conjunction with a Messenger Remote Monitor.

Sensor-Alert 200 Cellular
Sensor-Alert 300Satellite


Need a customized solution?  If you have a remote monitoring requirement that cannot be satisfied with an 'off the shelf' monitoring system, let us design one for you! 

Monitor anything, anywhere, anytime! 

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