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Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs Associated with Ground Water Remediation Systems

The GMU-8120 Remote Monitoring Unit for remote monitoring of groundwater remediation systems that are often located in obscure sites and function without operator assistance.   Providing real-time operating status of tank level, pumps and other instruments associated with ground water remediation systems, the GMU-8120 Remote Monitoring Unit supports remote predictive maintenance, while reducing equipment downtime, labor and costs associated with field equipment repairs.   

Configurable to a wide variety of sensor types and expandable to 16 inputs, the rugged GMU- 8120 Remote Monitoring System tracks a variety of parameters such as liquid level, pressure, temperature and flow to perform various remote control tasks.  When detecting a problem, an alarm processor notifies key personnel via telephone or computer, enabling operators to cost-effectively perform equipment repairs and/or schedule preventive maintenance.   Using information gathered from the remote monitoring unit, service personnel better understand equipment problems before visiting the site. 


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Designed and built for the long run

Global Remote Monitoring Systems are designed to facilitate upgrades so that they can grow with your needs and adapt to a changing technical landscape. We're proud of the fact that many of the systems that we sold over 15 years ago are still in daily operation.

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Global Monitoring's twenty-three year history includes over ten thousand successful remote monitoring installations on six continents. No matter what you need to monitor, whether at one location across town or at hundreds of locations around the world, we have the proven ability put together the total remote monitoring package that you need to get the job done.

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