Three Product Families to Satisfy Any Application

The Messenger™ family of remote monitors track and react to conditions at remote, unattended or inaccessible locations, providing status reports, service messages and much more.   Configurable to a wide variety of sensor types, Messenger monitors conditions, such as such temperature, humidity, air quality, sound level and occupancy.

The family consists of Messenger ViaS, Terra and Aero which transfer information respectively by satellite, cellular and dial-up communication.

The chart below compares the features of the product family to help you choose the one that's best for you.

  ViaS Terra Aero
Method of communication Satellite Land-Line Cellular
Check Status from any phone using Interactive Voice Reporting (IVR)   Y  
Check Status from a data terminal or modem equipped computer   Y  
Check Status from any web browser Y   Y
Alarms delivered to any phone using Interactive Voice Reporting (IVR)   Y  
Alarms delivered to a Fax Y  
Alarms delivered to a data terminal or modem equipped computer   Y  
Alarms delivered by email Y   Y
Periodically logs data to internal memory   Y  
Periodically log data to cloud database Y    
Minimum logging interval 5 minutes 1 second  
Maximum number of records infinite 10,000  
Logs data when communication is interrupted   Y  
Coverage in cities Fair VG Good
Coverage in rural areas VG VG Fair
Coverage in out-of-the-way locations VG Fair Poor
Coverage in underground locations (without external antenna) Poor VG Fair
Suitable for mobile applications Y   Y
Suitable for marine applications Y    
Operates independently of a cloud server   Y  
Suitability for international deployments VG G Poor
Estimated monthly cost for communication and cloud services $30   $30
Estimated monthly cost when using a dedicated phone line   $30  
Estimated monthly cost when sharing an existing phone line   $0  



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