Messenger ViaS

Monitor equipment and environmental conditions at any remote location via satellite.

Messenger ViaS

MessengerViaS is the easiest to use remote monitoring system of its kind. It comes completely pre-configured for your specific application. Just mount the components attach the cables and view monitored conditions on any web browser.

Unlike cellular-based remote monitoring systems that don’t work in many out of the way locations  -  the places where remote monitoring systems are needed the most - MessengerViaS  uses the INMARSAT satellite network for full global coverage between the north and south polar regions.

Monitors 8 conditions:
Four built-in sensors that monitor outside temperature, battery voltage, AC status and GPS location. Plus  Four general purpose inputs that accept
readily available sensors to monitor just about anything that needs to be monitored. Also includes advanced features such as ‘geo-fencing’, pulse counting and rate measurements.

With MessengerViaS you can monitor most low data-rate conditions such as tank-levels, AC power status, pressure and temperature. It can also count events and totalized flow. A GPS provides location information.





Global coverage that is cost-competitive with cellular.

Includes GPS with geo-fence capabilities.



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