Messenger Terra

Formerly called the Messenger 8100

Just attach sensors to measure conditions that are important to you; conditions such as temperature, vibration, level or flow. Use a laptop for simple, menu-driven configuration, and then connect a phone cord. The GMU8120 begins to record the monitored conditions and respond to anomalies.

Messenger Terra Model 8120

Information the was you need it

Not near a computer when you need to check on the conditions at a remote site? No problem! The GMU8120 adapts to your needs by delivering information digitally to your computer or database, audibly to your phone, or as a printed report to your fax. You can connect to the GMU8120 at any time to receive a live report of monitored conditions or have it contact you if something happens that needs your attention.

Put it to work for you

The GMU8120 can perform a wide range of control, communication and input processing tasks. It can totalizing flow thru a pipe; track the run-time hours of a pump; control tank levels; count events; regulate temperatures; and more. You can even use it to remotely re-boot a computer or PLC.


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