Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI) is the process in which a vendor assumes responsibility for managing the inventory of a product at a customer's site. The vendor is usually responsible for:

 Remote Monitoring Solves Perplexing Vendor Managed Inventory Problems.

 Vendor Managed Inventory employs "just-in-time" principles to optimize supply chain efficiency by minimizing the amount of inventory at the customer’s site while eliminating run-outs and emergency deliveries.

 Timely inventory and usage data is essential to the Vendor Managed Inventory process and Supply Chain Management in general. It often requires a real-time remote monitoring network that integrates with existing information systems.

Remote monitoring is a widely accepted method of monitoring a variety of products such as liquid levels in storage tanks and bulk powders or pellets in silos, bins and hoppers. It can also be applied to other types of inventory as well.

The benefits of remote monitoring goes beyond accurate and timely inventory data. With it, you can:

How Does Remote Inventory Monitoring Work?

 Remote Inventory Monitoring requires the installation of a Remote Monitoring Unit (such as our GMU8120) at every remote location. Sensors attached to the Remote Monitoring Unit provide the required inventory information as well any ambient conditions that need to be monitored.

 The Remote Monitoring Unit intelligently processes all of the information from the sensors and transmits vital changes in inventory or usage to a centralized computer. The centralized computer (also known as a server) accepts data from every remote site and populates a database. Information from the database can then be used to generate management reports or to interface with other information systems.

How can Global Monitoring Help?


Global Monitoring understands the steps required to implement and maintain the type of remote monitoring network that is required for vendor managed inventory programs. We can assist you with:

 From concept through deployment, Global Monitoring's design, support and product knowledge provides cost-effective and timely business solutions for your remote monitoring needs.


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