About Global Monitoring

Our mission is simple and focused:

"We deliver products and expertise that enable our customers to monitor conditions and equipment at remote, sometimes inhospitable, and often unattended locations."

Our simple mission helps others to maintain equipment that delivers water, electricity, communications, medical services and countless other services to out-of-the-way areas in North America and around the world. Our equipment is used in various infrastructure, agricultural and natural-resource applications. We're proud to be a small part of the many important projects that aim to build a better world.

A twenty-five year tradition

In our twenty-five-plus years in business, we have delivered many thousands of monitoring systems to customers on six continents.  While operating as a business with a global reach, we achieve efficiency, flexibility and growth, through the efforts of a deliberately sized management team who have dedicated most of their careers to the field of remote monitoring.

We design and support our own products so that we can maintain a tight control on quality. All of our manufacturing is performed close to our office at an ISO 9001 compliant facility whose employees are trained and certified per IPC 610 Class 2 and 3 standards.


Did you know:

Global Monitoring demonstrated one of the world's first 'cloud based' remote monitoring systems close to 20 years ago.