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Not Just Remote Monitors.  Global Monitoring delivers Remote Monitoring Solutions!

Remote monitoring and control systems provide the capability to maintain visibility and control over equipment, facilities and operations in unattended, inaccessible and distant locations. 

Whether you need to monitor one location across town or hundreds of remote sites around the world, Global Monitoring has the proven expertise to create a total remote monitoring system that meets your specific requirements.  We offer end-to-end solutions that allow you to:

  • Monitor Conditions such as temperature, level, flow and other parameters

  • Receive Alerts and Status by smart phones, fax or computer

  • Control Equipment either automatically or by remote command

  • Conduct Historical Analysis of collected data

Diverse Application Experience

In our 25 year history, we’ve delivered over 10,000 remote monitoring and control systems to customers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  We create solutions for:

·         Machine Condition Monitoring ·         Building Automation
·         Predictive Maintenance ·         Environmental Monitoring
·         Vendor Managed Inventory ·         Equipment and Energy Management

Our Technology

Global Monitoring has two distinct product lines at different cost points. 

  •  Messenger  Remote Monitors operate independent of a server and are available in three communication options – dial-up, cellular or satellite.  Compatibility with Etherios provides for unlimited scalabitlity and real-time access to sensor data from all sites that can be accessed via any web browser.  Messenger can be configured on a smart phone and designed with custom apps.

  • Sensor Alert requires the use of a cloud server.  This inexpensive sensor can be used alone or in unison with the Messenger monitors.  Available in both dial-up and satellite modes.

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